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Samantha Harrison

Receptionist and Animal Care Assistant

You will find me on the front desk greeting our clients and their lovely pets, answering phone calls and replying to emails, but I can also be found in the back helping prep patients for their procedures or giving your lovely pets a cuddle!


Since a young age I have always had a love for animals, both big and small. I graduated at Salford University where I studied Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology. After graduating university, I worked as a Zookeeper, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this role, I found an additional passion working with domestic animals and giving them the best possible care.


When not at work, I enjoy gardening, going for walks with my dog Luna, spending time with my two cats Neville and Sunny, or my two chinchillas Chico and Giles (I have a very busy household as you can tell!). I am very much a home bird and there is nothing I love more than spending time with my family and those closest to me.

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