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Sabrina Verjee

Veterinary Surgeon & Director

"I am passionate about providing the highest level of care to all pets at any time of day and providing 24 hour on site care to our inpatients. I believe that no pet should be left unattended when they are unwell; they should be regularly assessed by the vet through the night and given appropriate treatment and care all night. This is why I set up Carnforth Pet Care so that all pets had access to this service.

I qualified from Cambridge University in 2009 and advanced my veterinary career in Emergency Medicine and Surgery with my European postgraduate certificate. I have had 8 years experience working in very busy emergency hospitals so I am the right person to come to if your dog has a GDV (twisted stomach), your bitch needs a caesarean section, you think your cat has been poisoned or any other emergency. I have 3 fabulous felines that I rescued – Lucinda the quiet moggy, Minnie the playful Bengal cross and her mother Totty who is fondly known as “Happy Cat” – she will greet anyone and loves attention. On the odd occasion when I am not working you might see me out running. I particularly enjoy ultra running and recently won the Lakeland 100."

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