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Animal Health Certificate (Pet Passport)

Going on holiday? Your pet can come too!


Since Brexit - Uk issued pet passports are no longer valid in the EU. Instead each time you wish to take your pet abroad you will need to visit your vet within 10 days of intended travel. The vet will need to examine your pet and ask you some questions about your travel plans in order to fill in an Animal Health Certificate. 


A pet passport is an official registration document that is issued for your pet (dog, cat or ferret) which contain information such as the registered owners details, health conditions and vaccination information amongst other details.


The passport is required for entry into the visiting country AND re-entry into the UK.

How to get an Animal Health Certificate?

We would recommend that you book an appointment with us in good time to allow us to issue your pet with a certificate and advise you on parasite treatment required for travelling. If you would like to take the certificate away with you on the same day then you will need a one-hour appointment slot. If you have no urgent requirement for the passport then it will be available for you to pick up within 5 working days.


If you have a particular country in mind then please let us know at the time you make the appointment as this will give our vet the chance to find out any particular requirements. We can then discuss with you any infectious or parasitic threats to your pet and help you to prepare by giving advice on preventative measures.

We will need to make sure your pet:

  • has had a microchip implanted

  • is at least 15 weeks old at time of travelling

  • is vaccinated against rabies

  • at least 21 days have elapsed after rabies vaccination before travel

  • has been treated for tapeworm (dogs only)


It is important the rabies vaccination is up to date. If lapsed by just one day, re-vaccination is required and another 21 days wait is needed before travel is permitted.

Don’t worry if this all seems confusing - the Carnforth Pet Care team will be more than happy to talk you through the process.

It is also a good idea to contact the Pet Travel Scheme helpline (0370 241 1710) prior to making any travel plans to discuss any recent changes or specific restrictions regarding the country you are travelling to.

Coming home

Dogs, cats and ferrets must be presented to a vet for tapeworm treatment  24 to 120 hours ( 1 to 5 days) before the return journey. The vet will administer the relevant treatment and document it in the passport.

How long is the certificate valid for?

The certificates are valid for 4 months. Note that the rabies vaccination must be in date and is not part of your pets routine annual vaccinations. Some countries require an annual rabies vaccination booster, this changes from time to time so you will need to check before you travel.

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